Meals on Wheels, Weston, CT

More About Meals on Wheels in Weston, Connecticut

Meals on Wheels is a non-profit, volunteer-based service that delivers nutritious meals to people who are elderly or disabled, homebound, and unable to prepare their own meals.

In Weston, the program is sponsored and subsidized by the Town of Weston. It is administered by the Weston Department of Human Services (203-222-2663), who can answer any questions about the program. Drivers for the program have been volunteers organized by Joey Pfund, also a volunteer. She can be reached by email.

Benefits to the Recipients and the Drivers

For the recipients, the service the volunteers provide is a life sustaining one, and often the volunteers bring special treats to make the visit even more special. Around holidays, scout troops often provide the products of crafts sessions to supply Valentines on Valentines Day or ornaments for Christmas trees. Some volunteers bring their children along, which many of the seniors really enjoy.

For volunteers, the pleasure of helping out others in the community is an extremely positive experience. The Meals on Wheels deliveries take very little effort or time, yet volunteers report the experience to be powerful and long lasting, and the postive feeling carries forth into other aspects of life. A number of the volunteers have been driving for more than a decade.

How to Sign Up

You may sign up to drive MOW in one of four ways.
(1) If you are a Weston Women's League member, you can sign up at a League meeting.
(2) You may call Joey Pfund at 203-858-9946.
(3) You may send email to sign up.
(4) The MOW automated system allows you to sign-up online. You will need to provide your e-mail address to register, and once your regsitration is manually activated, your e-mail allows you to log into the site at any time to add to or adjust your schedule.

The community at large is invited to participate in this program.


Registered drivers may view the driving schedule and list of recipients at any time online. Every Sunday, an e-mail reminder is sent to the drivers for the coming week to confirm the scheduled driving date and to inform the driver of any changes in the schedule.

If You Cannot Drive

IF YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR A DATE AND THEN FIND YOU CANNOT DRIVE ON THAT DATE: Please try to arrange for a substitute by either changing dates with someone else on the schedule or by calling someone on the substitute list. In an emergency, or if you find you are having a great deal of trouble finding a substitute, call Joey Pfund at 203-858-9946.